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Manchester Tarts and Spotted Dicks

Hello and welcome to my website!

Well, the end of December is nearly here and I hope everyone has had a very happy Christmas. The approaching week also signifies the end of my first month escorting and what an eventful time it has been.

I first began seriously researching this business six months ago, although it has always been at the back of mind for the last decade. I love the idea of the freedom and flexibility this job can bring and I always love meeting new people. So it seemed like the perfect career for me to pursue.

I did my first job, my first outcall on the 2nd of December. The guy was lovely, nice and polite and wanted vanilla services, so it wasn't a bad way to earn £120 for an hour. My first incall was with the same client and that was for half an hour – £50 to round off the weekend I signed up to Adultwork.

Since then I've met four more clients. Two of which have become my absolute favourites and this week they both came to see me twice. I also did my first two hour booking with a lovely older gentleman who was extremely respectful and polite.

I think a lot depends on how you market yourself to what type of client you attract. I am an intelligent person and I find great conversation is the biggest turn on, so I do my best to attract a similar sort of person in a client. And so far it seems to be working as I dismiss a lot of potential clients as I don't feel we'll connect on the same level.

I had another two hour booking yesterday and earned my first tip. The time flew by as the gentleman in question was on my wavelength and we also had a great chat. He was into the S&M scene so we talked a lot about that and I thought it was interesting to learn about something that I have little insight in.

Anyway, it amused me somewhat on Christmas morning to discover that my favourite two chocolates out of the Thornton's chocolate puddings tray that I had bought my mother were the Manchester Tart and the Spotted Dick.

Maybe it's my destiny to be in this job after all 😉 😉

Much Love,

Phoebe x x x